Eley Ministries’ “Open-Discussion” Bible Study

This is an open-discussion, Christian bible study where we love, learn, and laugh. We read the Word and grow together. We put our focus into learning and speaking from the heart, with God as our foundation, as opposed to being religious and traditional–ergo, anyone can ask questions. Then, we all get to find the specific topics in the bible and gain understanding of exactly what the scripture means.

Hosts: Myreah Eley; Marcus “caDASHtrophe” Eley; Vickey Davis; Tyeesha Davis


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Matthew 21 (Faith + No Doubts = 100% Results in Prayer!)

Bible study hosts read Matthew 21 and discuss multiple factors pertaining to the text, including the importance of Faith, the results of Faith, the purpose of Jesus’ parables, and more. Tune in to this week’s message for love, learning, and laughter, and click the link in this description to join in on the conversation, ask…

Matthew 20 – Moved With Compassion | Faith Without Works is Dead

Bible study hosts discuss Salvation, how to obtain Salvation, and when “works” matter. They give a deeper explanation of how rewards in Heaven can be earned on Earth, and they go deeper into physical and spiritual healing, envious behavior, and what our job entails as Christians. Tune in for this week’s message and click the…

Matthew 19: Circumstances and Questions

Bible study hosts discuss marriage, divorce, forgiveness, faith, salvation, and what the bible truly says about what it takes to get into Heaven. They also discuss when it’s not a good time to get married, how special circumstances of this time bring up many questions in Christians, and how to come to simple answers and…

Our Hosts


Myreah Eley

Myreah Michelle Eley is an African-American singer-songwriter, Christian rapper, audio engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of Eley Enforcement Entertainment, LLC. Born and raised near Greenville, NC, Myreah Eley now lives in Fayetteville, NC with her husband and five out of eight of their children. When not tending to motherly or wifely duties, Myreah spends her time in her office or in their in-home music studio recording, engineering, writing lyrics, advertising, keeping websites and social media up to date, writing books and poetry, recording this podcast, and releasing and distributing music.

Marcus “caDASHtrophe” Eley

Marcus “caDASHtrophe” Eley is an African-American Christian rapper-songwriter, techno-geek, sneakerhead, podcast host, and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Murfreesboro, NC, Dash now lives in Fayetteville, NC with his wife and five out of eight of their children. When not tending to research on mobile development, Marcus spends his time writing music, recording, working out, analyzing new phones and technology, building his sneaker collection, and hosting bible study.

Vickey Davis

Vickey Davis is an African-American entrepreneur, author, mother, grandmother, and podcast host. Born and raised in Kinston, NC, Vickey spends her time further developing her virtual home supply store and building her brand, VYD Enterprises, LLC. When not tending to her business, she continues to write, research virtual business developments, spend time with her grandchildren, and host bible study.

Tyeesha Davis

Tyeesha Davis is an African-American CNA, dancer, and aspiring model. Born and raised in Kinston, NC, Tyeesha now works as a traveling CNA within NC. When not traveling and helping the elderly, Tyeesha spends her time playing with her nieces and nephews, making silly TikTok videos, and just enjoying life.

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